10 June, 2010

The benefits of being computer literate

The world is constantly changing around us. People have come to realize the importance of literacy. One has to get educated to live a better life. Now, with the dawning of the new millennium, a new age has risen - one we now call the age of the computers.

In this fast developing world, people from all corners of the world are starting to realize the importance of computers. We are now marching into a new era where information technology is simply indispensable. To step into unknown territory, computer is the key. It is thus undeniable that being computer literate is a must. Otherwise, one world feel incapacitated.

The computer has made life easy for humans. Let me give an example. Fifty years ago, one of the qualifications for a secretarial post was the ability to write fast and neatly. Now, all you need is a certificate stating that you are computer literate! Besides, the computer helps people to produce fast and efficient work. As a result, with the help of the computer, more things can be done in a shorter time.

With the computer, the Internet is made possible. The Internet is a source of knowledge. It can fulfil your every interest. You will be able to search for what you want, be it on health or music. With just a click of the mouse, you are able to improve on what you like. unknowingly, you become a better-equipped person.

Education is the key to success. Without education, one has to be contented with a meagre salary. With the help of computers, distant learning is made possible by logging on to the Internet. Imagine yourself getting a degree without going to school or a university. This facility not only helps to save one's money but also one's time as one studies at one's own pace and ability.

In addition, the Internet provides cheap and fast communication. You are able to send e-mails instantly after a click. Moreover, you can also chat with your friends. This can also be a sort of entertainment. It is so hard to phone someone or write a letter from a few thousand miles away but it is only a piece of cake for the computer user to send it through the Internet.

The Internet is a must for people involved in the business world. These people have large amounts of investments around the globe and with every second ticking, billions and billions of dollars flow in and out of their bank accounts. That is why they need the Internet to enable them to monitor the financial market closely to avoid loss of money. Therefore, the Internal plays a very important role in the daily lives of entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, the computer also has its disadvantages. Students, especially those who do not know how to discipline themselves sit in front of the computer all day playing computer games. Some even visit pornographic sites when they log on to the Internet. The academis performance will be affected and they will live a life of dissipation and dissolution.

In my opinion, everything has its pros and cons. The computer is not an exception Therefore, guidance should be given to the young and impressionable minds of the nation and there should be a compromise in between so that computer literate users get the best out of everything. With that, I can conclude that the benefits of being computer literate far outweigh the disadvantages.

meagre : not enough in quantity, quality 微薄
dissipation :the continual search for foolish or dangerous pleasure 放荡的
dissolution :decay 衰败


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