11 June, 2010

My hobbies

I currently have two hobbies. They are collecting stamps and swimming. Collecting stamps is my indoor hobby while swimming takes me outside to experience the fresh air. I find that they provide a nice balance of going out and staying in during my free time.

Since I began collecting stamps two years ago, I have met many others who shared the same interest. Itstarted when my aunty gave me some very beautiful and interesting stamps from her letters from England. I had a liking for the various stamps immediately and began collecting them. Now, whenever my relatives have stamps I will beg them to give them to me. Today, I already have three full stamp albums.

My interest in swimming, however, grew differently. I started it a year ago, when I went to Maldives for aholiday, I was in primary three then. All my relatives could swim except me. When I came back to Malaysia, I begged my father to teach me to swim. At first, I found it hard to breathe in water. After a week of practice in the pool in the Chinese Swimming Club, I began to acquire the skill in swimming.

My two hobbies are important to me because they help me to relax from studying too much. I make sure that I do my homework before I even think about my stamp collection or swimming.

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