11 June, 2010

Fatal Hiking Accidents

Three friends, John, Ryan and Stephen were out hiking. They wanted to hike their way to a Cavanal Hill and camp there for the weekend.

To reach their destination, they had to cross many natural obstacles. There were streams, rivers, bushes, trees and many mosquitoes and leeches.

At a stream, John and Ryan crossed carefully as the bank was steep and slippery. Stephen was not careful enough. He slipped and fell. As a result he twisted his leg badly and could not get up.

John and Ryan pulled Stephen up from the stream and examined his leg.They were not sure whether the leg was broken or not. So they put a splint on to the leg. Next they cut two poles from the trees nearby and improvised a stretcher for Stephen.

So began a long tiring journey back to civilization. John and Ryan had to carry the seriously injured Stephen all the way on the makeshift stretcher. Fortunately they were both young and strong and manage to perform the task. Stephen could only lie down quietly and trust his friends.

It was exhausting, but finally they managed to come out of the wilderness. They found a telephone booth and used it to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took Stephen to hospital. He had been hospitalized for one month after suffering a devastating leg injury.


improvised : to do or make something one has not prepared for owing to an

unexpected situation 临时凑成的

civilization : life in a place which has all the comforts of the modern world


makeshift : being something made or used in the case if a sudden or urgent need


devastating : destroying completely 破坏性很大的

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