10 June, 2010

The destruction of the environment

The countryside was lovely to behold. White clouds, blue skies and greenery as far as the eyes could see bore testimony to the wonder and beauty of nature.

However such beauty could not stand against man's greed. As a human habitat, the environment is constantly subjected to development. Changing economic circumstances and various socio-cultural developments have had a strong affect on the environment. Soon the man came with his bulldozers and other heavy machinery. The countryside was doomed.

In a short time, the smoke-belching machinery totally cleared up the land. The hills were flattened and not a single or plant was left standing. The once lovely stream was reduced to a giant concrete drain.

Next the builders moved in, erecting huge factories to cater for the needs of the growing industries.

Now, black smoke hides the sky, foul liquids choke the drain and loads of rubbish cover the land. It is yet another triumph for modern industry, and a further destruction of environment.


doomed : unavoidable destruction or death 毁灭

erecting: to build or establish 建立

foul : very dirty, unclean, impure 污浊,不干净的

triumph : the joy or satisfaction caused by this 成功(胜利)的喜悦

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