11 June, 2010

Turning Over a New Leaf

Murphy groaned as he crashed into one of the huge, black trash cans at the strewed back lane in a trance–like state. The effects of heroine had not worn off yet and he felt good. It was a delicious feeling -- heroine. One could forget all his troubles, be free of all responsibilities and enjoy himself thoroughly. Sweet. Slumping against a picket fence, Murphy continued to daydream. Life was blissful.

Suddenly, he heard tyres screeching to a halt and the strong beams coming form the headlights of a vehicle shone right onto his face. Murphy stared ahead blankly, feeling a little confused and dazed by the sudden intensity of light. "Is that an angel? Or perhaps, God? ” Murphy wondered. Then, he heard someone shouting. "There's another one of them ! Get him!" Then, the voice over the loudspeaker, "This is the police ! Do not move. Put your hands on your head and........ " Murphy did not stay any longer to hear the rest. Terrified, he turned and fled into the darkness of another lane, cursing and swearing.

"Don't panic! Don't panic!" he said to himself over and over again. Unfortunately, it was of no use. In his confusion, Murphy ran right into another group of policemen on patrol down the street. His luck had run out. Now, he would simply have to face reality. One of the policemen slapped a pair of handcuffs on his wrists while another started searching him. Then, they shoved him roughly into the police van and put him in a lock up for the night.

The next day, Murphy was sentenced to two years in a rehabilitation centre. Before he was sent there, a young man came up to him and said, "I am from the 'Befrienders". I used to be a drug addict too but now I've changed because of God's grace. Would you like to join us? We Will be happy to help you " Murphy shook his head irritated. "What could the`Befriender' do?" he thought sourly to himself. "There is no life without drugs.”

That night, in the rehabilitation centre, Murphy could not sleep. he had started to crave for drugs again. He sweated profusely and a shivering cold chilled his spine. Disillusioned, grotesque images haunted his mind and strange sounds rang in his ears while colourful visions came and went. Rolling and thrashing about on the hard, cement floor, Murphy screamed in agony but no one cared. The next morning, Murphy felt terrible but he had made up his mind. He was going to join the 'Befrienders'. At least they sounded sincere and he would not be alone.When he arrived at the center, he was given such a warm welcome that he broke down and cried. No one had shown him so much love before. There and then, Murphy resolved to start a brand new life. A life without drugs.

After a counselling session, Murphy finally realised that drugs were not a solution. He received a lot of support and advice from fellow drug addicts there. It was not easy trying to fight the urge to take drugs again but with his friends beside him, he persisted. At the `Befrienders, he learned new skills and made many new friends. People who did not despise him. People who accepted and loved him for who he was.

At the end of two years, Murphy was declared "clean" once again. Shedding tears of joy, Murphy hugged every single member of the 'Befrienders' who had stayed by him through thick and thin. As he did so, he understood how great was God's love for him. He had been hungry, dirty and completely without hope. Now there was a chance of a new life.


strewed : to lie scattered over 散布于

profusely : poured out freely and in great quantity 大量流出的

disillusioned : feeling bitter and unhappy as a result of having learned the unpleasant

truth about someone or something 幻想破灭的

grotesque : strange and unnatural so as to cause fear and amusement 怪诞的

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