11 June, 2010

My Favourite Place

“Ina, please come out of your bedroom,”said my mother. “You have been in there for it least half the day.”

“Mum........let me finish this story book first," I replied. My mother walked away, shaking her head and muttering to herself.

It would have been an understatement to say that my bedroom is my favourite place. It is unusual but I feel a natural fondness for this old place. Maybe it is because I was born here. My mother did not have enough time to rush to a hospital when I came into this wonderful world, acknowledging my bedroom as the first place I saw.

My bedroom is not all that new anymore and it definitely can be classified as a historical place'. It dates back to the 1940's, when the Japanese conquered Malaya. This bedroom served as one of the Japanese headquarters. As it is now around 60 years old, it is really battered looking by now. The dim light bulb casts a comforting light onto my mismatched furniture. The paint on the wall is peeling off while the door creaks although it is oiled occasionally. Still, I like my bedroom the way it is now.

I have received news of joy and sadness here. It was in my bedroom where I received news that I had passed the Standard Six government examination with flying colours. Unfortunately, it was also in here that I received news of my beloved grandfather's demise. So, this bedroom holds many sweet and sad memories for me. It is no wonder that my bedroom is my favourite place.

Now, I am half lying, half sitting on my bed, reading an English story book. I stroked my completely bald head. No, it is not a new fashionable hairstyle. It is because I am suffering from the number one killer disease ---- cancer. Yes, that is the disease everyone fears. As there is no cure, I can only receive radiation treatment to try to stop the spread of the terminal disease.

I know it is too late now. My time is already up. I can feel the cancerous cells creeping into my brain. Although death awaits me, I am happy I have led a wonderful, fulfilled but short life. My life is flickering out like the dim light bulb in my room. Blackness is engulfing me when I have my last thought.

I am lucky to die at my favourite place.........


muttering : to speak in a low voice 嘀咕

fondness : having a great liking or love for something as the result of a long relationship 喜爱的

demise : death 逝世

engulfing : to surround and swallow up 吞没

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