11 June, 2010

My favourite food

Each and every individual has various tastes when it comes to food. Some people like hot and spicyfood while others prefer salty or sweet food. I have a special liking for roasted duck prepared by my mother who is an ace in cooking. Every time she prepares this heavenly "delicacy", the whole house will be filled with the sweet aroma of this dish.

The roasted duck has an age-old recipe, which is very unique. To prepare this dish successfully, eachand every ingredient has to be taken into serious account. The flesh of the duck must be lean and tender andcoated with black sauce and spices. It has to be roasted in the oven for about forty-five minutes. It must not beundercooked or overdone. When the skin of the duck turns brown in colour it indicates that the duck is almostready.

This roasted duck is to be eaten with a special sweet black sauce, which oozes out of the flesh when you bite it. This roasted duck is very highly recommended by my family members and me. It is irresistible andnever fails to satisfy my hunger and fill my bottomless pit to its brim.


ace : a person of the highest skill in the stated activity 专家

brim : to become full and begin to overflow 满到溢出来


  1. eachand= each and
    beundercooked= be undercooked
    almostready = almost ready

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