11 June, 2010

My favourite person

Throughout the fourteen years of my life. I have had the privilege of meeting many people. However, there is one particular person whose name is etched in my memory. Whenever somebody asks about my favourite person, her name will automatically flash into my mind. She is Margaret.

Margaret is of average height but that makes her nearly a head taller than I am. She keeps her hairs in a short ponytail. She has dark brown eyes that sparkle a lot and a pointed nose. When she smiles at me, a dimple appears in her chin. We became friends when we were in the primary school and soon we were the best of friends.

Margaret and I always discussed our homework together. She always did well in her examinations. Most of the time she scored A’s. Whenever I asked her about things that I did not understand, she was willing to lend me a helping hand and answered all of my questions with lots of patience. Besides, she was the one who cheered me up when I was upset and together we would solve the problems. She was the one to lend me her shoulders to cry on. She gave me guidance to overcome my difficulties. To me, she was the sunshine after a storm.

Once, it was raining after school and I had forgotten to bring my umbrella to school. I was standing outside the school compound. Lightning flashed across the sky while thunder crackled through the air. I was miserable and there was no one to help me. All of a sudden, Margaret appeared in front of me with an umbrella in her hand. She smiled at me and squeezed my hand warmly. Together we went home, using one umbrella and tears of joy rolled down my puffy cheeks. I could not believe that I had such a great friend!

Anyway, life is not always perfect. Margaret has moved away with her family to Melbourne and now I have no news about her. However, I still believe in God that we will meet again.


dimple : a small hollow place on the skin, especially one formed in the cheek when a person smiles . 酒窝

miserable : very unhappy 痛苦的

squeezed : an act of pressing in from opposite sides or around 紧握

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