10 June, 2010

Snow White

Once upon a stormy night,
A baby was born with skin so white.
But happiness and joy could not be found,
For her mother was no longer around.

The baby grew to be a beauty,
With skin so fair and cheeks so rosy.
Her lips were little petals of rose,
And by golly, what a pretty nose!

Soon the house was filled with cheer,
For her father loved her so dear.
But neither of them was aware,
That evil was lurking in the air.

Far away there lived a witch,
Who woke one morning with a terrible itch,
She barked, "Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?"

Boy, was she bitter and in a rage,
When what she saw was not her face.
She groaned and sulked day and night,
Until a malicious scheme came to light.

She set off with her seven elves in tag,
All her magic packed in a bag.
She flew first class to Beverly Hills,
Along the way she practised her skills.

She made her way to the Whites' residence,
Knocking on the door without hesitance.
Out came Mr. White all drowsy with sleep,
The witch worked her magic with lightning speed.

Mr. White fell head over heels in a flash,
"Marry me!" He cried with flair and dash.
So the witch moved into the mansion,
Careful to hide her devious intentions.

By day she went on shopping sprees,
Dressing up in CK and Armani.
By night she toyed with her potions,
Cooking up deadly toxins and poisons.

The house was bustling, busily preparing,
For Snow White's birthday was soon arriving.
The witch-stepmother grins in delight,
For her worries shall be at an end tonight.

The guests sang the birthday song,
And the wicked witch joust played along.
A sinister smile crept across her lips,
As Snow White lifted her glass for a sip.

Snow White started to turn pale, then green.
No one could fathom what was happening.
All of a sudden she slumped to the floor,
Which made everyone panic all the more.

Amidst the frenzy he appeared,
Tall and poised, ready with gear.
As he crossed the room in stride,
The ladies gasped with their mouths so wide.

"I am a doctor," he announced,
In a perfect French accent it was pronounced.
He knelt down beside the stricken maid,
Checking her pulse to see if she was dead.

"Fear not, dear friends, for she is alive,
And I know just the cure to make her revive!"
With that he planted upon her lips a kiss,
And proclaimed to all that she shall be his.

In a spill, she awoke and was alright,
She opened her eyes and it was love at first sight.
They received their blessings from Mr. White,
And got engaged that very night.

As for the wicked old witch,
She got herself into a hitch.
Her seven elves were tired of her cruel deeds,
And called the FBI who took her away in a jeep.

Finally the Whites were left in peace,
In celebration they threw a jolly feast.
The seven elves became as close as family,
And they all lived in blissful harmony.

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