11 June, 2010

Rescue at sea

A single-engined propeller aeroplane was flying up high amongst the clouds.

Suddenly the pilot noticed fire and smoke streaming out from the engine compartment. He gasped. Something must be wrong with the engine. Eventually the engine seized and the propeller stopped turning. The aeroplane was now powerless. It was doomed to crash

'Mayday, mayday!" the pilot shouted the distress into the microphone of his radio. Then he quickly radioed his position to his base.

Next he put on a life jacket and a parachute pack. Then slid back the cockpit‘s hood, climbed out of the cockpit and jumped from the doomed aircraft.

Floating gently down with his parachute, the pilot watched the stricken aircraft plunged into the sea below. He glad he was not in it.

Gradually the pilot descended until finally he too dropped into the sea. He removed the parachute and floated patiently in his life jacket. After what seemed a long time he as relieved to see a helicopter appearing to rescue him from the cold sea.


Propeller : an apparatus for producing movement in a aircraft 螺旋桨

Compartment : any of the parts into which an enclosed space 分隔间

Cockpit :the part of a plane which the pilot sits 驾驶座

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