10 June, 2010

The hibiscus plant

Many flowers are found in Malaysia. The flowers come in many colours, sizes and shapes. Of the thousands of flowers, the most common and well known is the Hibiscus or Bunga Raya. The hibiscus has been chosen as Malaysia National Flower. This flower is very popular among Malaysians.

The hibiscus plant is a bush that grows to a height o: about one and a half to two metres in height. It has many branches. The branches have hundred of leaves. The leaves are large and usually dark green in colour. The flowers, which are even larger than the leaves, have long stamens. This large and attractive flower grows easily in Malaysia's tropical climate.

The common hibiscus, our national flower, normal, has five large red petals. The stem of the flower is long. The flower looks beautiful among the dark green leaves. We car. see our national flower on crests, flags, stamps, posters and books.

The hibiscus plant is the most common, the easiest to grow and the most attractive among all flowering plants in Malaysia.